The West Wing, or on the power of powering through

I marathoned “The West Wing” about three summers ago, and started rewatching it last Christmas by accident when it became available on Netflix.  I decided I would watch a couple episodes from somewhere near the beginning of season one – I think I actually started with episode four. The reasoning was, if I didn’t start the show at the beginning, then I wouldn’t feel compelled to watch it all the way through, right?

If you look too closely at this photo, it's disturbingly Photoshopped.

If you look too closely at this photo, you can see it’s been disturbingly Photoshopped.

Ha ha!


Over the years, I’ve matured as a consumer of culture, media, and politics, and it’s made me better equipped to approach “The West Wing” from a critical perspective. Of the shows I’ve discussed on The Completist so far, it is the one that suffers most from a complete rewatch.

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