Cardcaptor Sakura: Girls Like Magic, Right?

When I was in elementary/middle school, there was a show on Kids WB called Cardcaptors. This was sometime before I got into anime, but right around the time that shows about collecting things – Pokemon and YuGiOh – were insanely popular with my age group.

Everything has wings! And lace! And petticoats!

Everything has wings! And lace! And petticoats!

The original Japanese show is a 90s classic – it is the quintessential shoujou anime (a show targeted mainly at girls) almost as much as Sailor Moon. Sakura is an often shy but brave 10 year old who discovers a book filled with magical cards that escape when she inadvertently opens it, and the guardian of the cards – now trapped in the body of a sassy plush toy – entrusts her with the task of recapturing them.

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