A year in objects

A new year and a new blog design! New Years Resolution number one: will stop talking about how terrible I am at updating this blog, because everyone hates it when people who post content talk about how inconsistent they are at posting content.


I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past year because a lot of stuff has happened. It’s my first year out of Michigan, first year in DC, first job. Making things has always been a coping mechanism, so it’s no surprise that over the past year I’ve done a lot with my hands, though I haven’t incorporated it into my TV-marathon-blogging. So here it is:

A Year in DIY Objects


The Bed (Bug) Blanket

You may remember me talking about this blanket in my first post on The Completist – how it took me over 50 hours, three seasons of Deadwood, and $70 in yarn. My first serious crochet project, which I think actually inspired me to start this whole writing project. I even made a matching decorative pillow case. Unfortunately, both were casualties of the Great Bedbug Infestation of 2013. It might have survived after a 45 minute stint in the dryer, but I couldn’t take the risk. Sometimes you gotta shoot the hostage. Watched: Deadwood, Avatar The Last Airbender, Speed (probably)

RIP Blanket. 10/24/13

little hat 

The Little Hat

I made my boss’s son a crocheted hat for his seventh birthday. I had to guess at the size. It ended up being too small. Watched: Avatar The Last Airbender

Gallery Wall

The Gallery Wall

Inspired by house tours on Apartment Therapy, I created a mini-gallery wall with with cut-outs of maps from atlases. Most of the pictures are cut outs of places I’ve lived or places I consider important to me (with the exception of the Middle East – which was an addition from Boyfriend.) You’ll see a lot of Russia/Eastern Europe, as well as a few images of Michigan and Washington DC. Watched: Alias (Will not be finishing this show because it is unbearably ridiculous)

Striped Rug

The Living Room Rug

A pattern emerges. A stripey pattern. I used yards upon yards of blue and white yarn to create a living room rug that brightens up the space and keeps my toes warm. While the end result was somewhat more expensive and uneven than I hoped, and you can tell in daylight the difference between the whites and off-whites, it’s a piece that makes a great first impression and results in a very mobile coffee table. Watched: Alias, Miyazaki movies



Coasters. Lots and lots of coasters. This fall I mindlessly knitted about a dozen coasters to use at work, to give away to friends for Christmas, and to throw on every available surface in my apartment. Watched: A whole assortment of things – including Supernatural Season 8


The Boyfriend Hat

I ran out of dark grey yarn but oh boy doesn’t he look dashing? Watched: Boyfriend playing Persona 4 on my PS2

[NO PICTURE AVAILABLE BECAUSE I’M STUPID] On a related note, I made mug cozies as well – little woolly sweaters for coffee mugs to keep your coffee hot and your hands a reasonable temperature.

And because everyone loves a little before and after:


Rescued Dresser

Found this guy sitting by the dumpster this summer, took him in, scraped off the dirty old paint, and repainted it a nice deep blue. *Note: I know what you’re thinking and NO that is not how I got the bedbugs. Watched: A lot of Project Runway.


Rescued Stool

This thing too. Found it by that same dumpster. I stripped most of the paint away, planning on spray-painting it black or white at a future date. It sat half-stripped in my living room for months before I realized I had a lot of paint leftover from the above project. The end result is a wonderful decorative stool-cum-endtable that complements the blues in my living room rug. Watched: Parks & Recreation, seasons 2-4

What am I making in 2014? No idea, but you can bet it will have stripes.

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