Final Fantasy VII: Aren’t we getting away from the point, here?

Yeah so it’s been a while since I’ve actually done what I promised I’d do in this blog. i.e. Finish things and then write about finishing them and crocheting. The reason is – bed bugs!

[IMAGE REDACTED] (No seriously you should look up what they look like so when you have them, you know that you have them.)

In the interim, while 90% of my possessions are either in plastic bags or being fumigated, I’ve been staying with my boyfriend and playing Final Fantasy VII.

FFVII cast

This is not my first FFVII rodeo. I think the first time I played it, I was twelve, hanging out in my best friend’s basement, watching her maneuver Cloud’s blocky, awkward physique through pixelated landscapes. VII was never my favorite of the Final Fantasies – I’m more of an VIII fan, even though much of VIII’s plot reads like a high school drama.

Playing VII on the PS3 with an HD TV is not the way to play the game. I was always too aware of how many polygons the characters had, and how weird it was that Cloud’s default field outfit was a sort of hot magenta.

The story didn’t hold up for me either. I started writing a post a couple weeks ago about how I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 and realized that the plots of most JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) are unnecessarily convoluted. VII is not the first game to have that MO and it won’t be the last. We kind of expect it, at this point. If you can explain the plot of a JRPG to someone in one sentence, it’s probably not worth playing.*

*Sidenote: I had to explain the concept for an RPG to someone at work the other day. It was weird.

“Oh, you play videogames…like Call of Duty?”
“No, I play RPGs.”
“Oh, so like Mario?”
“…nooo…these are more like really long, drawn out stories, usually pretty heavy on the fantasy and magic stuff.”
“[knowingly] OOoooohhh…so they’re super girly!”
“….no.” *

Anyway, I guess the completist part comes in when I had to decide whether or not to beat the game in Disk 3, or to start doing sidequests. I thought – well I could go fight the Weapons (two optional superbosses). But to kill them, you have to get a Gold Chocobo, which takes a lot of money and a lot of hours. And then you have to get the Knights of the Round summon, and level that up, which takes a lot of battles. But while I’m at it, I guess I should try and level up all the rest of my materia…and get my characters to max level 99…

In short, I added about 15-20 hours to my game doing stuff that I had done when I played through it the first time in 2002. And, for a brief time, it made me forget about the bedbugs. So, +1 to you, SquareSoft.


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