Tamora Pierce and what it means to be a “strong female character”

I very clearly remember the book that made me want to become a writer.

For my ninth birthday, my best friend gave me a book called “Wild Magic,” by Tamora Pierce. She hadn’t read it, but the cover had horses, so…you know.

Those horses are a nine year old girl’s dream

I read it cover to cover. And then again. And again. I quickly discovered that Tamora Pierce had written not just “The Immortals” series – of which “Wild Magic” was the first installment, but had several other quartets of Young Adult novels set in the same world. The Tortall universe seems like your generic medieval world, complete with knights, magic, and monarchs. But for its target age group, the books are shockingly feminist, with deep political themes.

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Charlie Jade, or “let’s see how much plot we can fit in here…”

­“Charlie Jade” took me way too long to finish. The show is a joint Canadian-South African project, running for twenty episodes in 2005. This hardboiled detective-esque sci-fi mystery was short-lived, but a bold show that broke new ground for cerebral sci-fi.

OK. So I don’t lose you here: Cape City, Alphaverse (dystopia) – Cape Town, Betaverse (our world!) – Good Hope, Gammaverse (utopia)

The title character is a private investigator from Cape City, a dystopic version of Cape Town, South Africa with superior technology but a rigid caste structure. The Alphaverse’s environment so depleted, the ruling megacorp “Vexcor” is attempting to use a trans-universal link to siphon water from Gammaverse, a utopian parallel Earth.

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